Bäst för fötterna under sommaren

Snygga skor för alla tillfällen. Det är få tjejer som inte håller med mig om jag säger att snygga skor är bland det roligaste som finns att shoppa. Sandaletter, högklackade skor, damsneakers ja allt verkligen är kul att shoppa och passar för olika tillfällen och gör det där lilla extra på en redan fin outfit eller höjer en lite enklare outfit ordentligt. Jag har favoriter och tänkte tipsa om några av mina butiker där jag ofta handlar. Dels kan jag inte vara utan en titt på miin favorit myfashionstore  Där hittar du med mesta som pryder fötterna som stövlar och boots. Men självklart mina favvosar som snygga byxor . Jag kunde nog shoppa för en förmögenhet om jag hade råd. Det bästa sparar vi till sist. Badkläder för dam är riktigt kul att shoppa och något jag ser fram emot.



Golfcourse Alcaidesa Heathland

When you are looking for the perfect gift to someone who loves PLAYING GOLF – then this read is something for you.

The perfect Gift for a GOLFLOVER

Im just about to tell you more about this wonderful course, but first let me say a few things that happened last week. My youngest kid was very strange and could hardly hit the ball, and it turned out that he was so stoned and had managed to buy some rock and roll weed on darknet with bitcoin and he is just 16 years old.. now that is a good age to start some of you might say but I got curious on what these websites on darknet are, he mentioned one Versus something and a dark market which he uses a special browser to access. Well well.. todays kids..


The golf course in uniquely located between the town of Gibraltar and Marbella and close to Valderrama. Situated on the sunny Costa del Sol in the south of Spain it offers many sunny days with an average temperature of 25 degrees for July and 26 degrees for August. The location makes the golf course both easily accessible and situated in an extremely nice environment. The golf course offers splendid views of the mediterranean ocean as well as of Gibraltar and the continent of Africa, in particular beautiful views of Morocco and Algeria.

Slightly extra CHALLENGING!

The Alcaidesa Heathland golfcourse offers an unique design with wide fairways and hole 1 to 5, 17 and 18 placed on plateaus resembling heatlands, therefore the name Alcaidesa Heathland golf course. The strategically incorporated water hazards along the course and the total distance of 6,373 m makes the course extra challenging and exciting for all players! The mastermind behind the interesting and unique design of the golf course is Dave Thomas, former Ryder Cup player and well known international golf course designer.

All new in 2007

Renovated in 2007 it is the younger of the two magnificent golf courses Alcaidesa Heathland and Alcaidesa Links at the mediterranean golf paradise Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort. The Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort offers a total of 36 holes for professional players as well as lessons and training programmes for the golfers of the future. During the academic year between September and June it offers lessons each Saturday specially aimed for younger players, among many other.

The classic setup – 72/18

The classic 18 holes par 72 golf course is the perfect competition course and offers excellent Practice Facilities, in addition to the Alcaidesa Links Golf Resorts excellent driving range with 72 bays. Enjoy a gastronomic experience in the restaurant or a beautiful view from the terrace and the resort.

Travelling to the Caribbean Islands

Oh boi! This is a gift, a real gift.

Who wants to surf in the paradise, lie on beach all day long and eat great food and smoke a cigar in the breezy atmosphere?

Places on my to-go list

Where do you want to go? I would love to go to these places, and in this order: 1. Trinidad and Tobago. 2. Cuba. 3. Barbados. 4. Costa Rica.

flamingo-mfl-graeme1 tab-batteaux-bay-speyside tab-cocoafarm

A few years back we went to Costa Rica, actually on my honey-moon. But since we were so focused on eachother we never got to explore the country – thats why I would love to go back there and check out the country and how it is. You know, go to the small pueblos and eat there locally made food. Their locally brewed beer (and rum). Smoke the Cigars the make with so much love.