Hey, this is only for me to write in, therefore I lock this thread. Here I will post all updates and changes to make it easier to follow the progress on smaller updates / bug fixes. 25.10.2022 – More related information on Archetyp is available to you here.

For other detailed information check Wikipedia on the subject. And everytjhing you need to know about TOR is available on the TOR website. Patchnotes thread was added, here I will post all “bigger” changes – Forum Search works now for comments – Usernames now better highlighted – Forum Mods can now finally work and have proper rights – Posts can now be locked / unlocked – Pagination of posts was fixed and /forum/settings extended, it’s now possible to load the “last page” of a page, this makes sense when sorting ASCENDING for posts, as this what many people probably want from the forum – /team page was added that shows the current team as well as an option for users to apply to join the team, as we are looking for moderators within the Forum / ArcheWiki – ArcheWiki was placed on the forum menu bar to give it a bit more attention for now – VIP Forum was added, this is only visible to users who meet certain criteria (not disclosed for now) – Seen status for posts now works as intended.

25.03.2023 – Promotions now consider every filter option – Vendors can now see, if a user bought a listing by using a promoted listing, it’s indicated with a “P” tag on orders – Vendors now see more statistics for promoted listings on /promote

24.03.2023 – [center] tag was added – /market list was refactored including multiple bug fixes – Vendors can now add multiple shipping destinations – Vendors can filter their listings on /listings – You can now also filter to see listings from all your favorite vendors at once, instead one at a time – Amount can be selected from 1 to 100.000, so custom listings are easier to maintain Market The search engine was completely rewritten, this time everything is bug free and it should be faster than before. – You can filter by price, even if you do not use EUR – The random search works really well now (even considers every filter you set up for it) – The quantity search is perfect, unfortunately the market has to be cleaned from garbage listings to make it useful Quantity search filter: 1. You enter a category (e.g. Buds & Flowers) 2. You enter a max price (e.g. 100€ / 1000kr / $100 / etc.) 3. You press Quantity Now the system will show you all listings, where an listing option is below the entered max price, but it also filters all listings and shows the listing with the best price quantity below your max price. This can of course be expanded with every filter available or without any filter.

21.03.2023 – Vendors now have the ability to select multiple orders to either accept or mark shipped (prior to this they either selected ALL at once or one by one)

15.03.2023 – If buyers encrypt shipping details with the wrong key, the order won’t complete and they get a notification about it Clarification: We check who’s key is used and if the fingerprint does not match the vendor, we will show this notification